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PHYSICS LAB eTEXT [and link to Lab Kit]


(N)ot only can faith and reason never be opposed to one another, but they are of mutual aid one to the other. For right reason demonstrates the foundations of faith, and enlightened by its light, cultivates the science of Divine things; while faith frees and guards reason from errors, and furnishes it with manifold knowledge. (Dogmatic Constitution on the Catholic Faith; #4 First Vatican Council)


The In-Faith series of lab texts couples high quality science instruction with orthodox Catholic teaching in an answer to Pope St. John Paul II’s call to recognize that “there is a profound and indissoluble unity between the knowledge of reason and the knowledge of faith” (Fides et Ratio, 16).

The Physics In-Faith Lab eText ($40.00) has over 30 interesting physics experiments covering the range of topics covered in a year-long high school science course. Purchase includes 1-schoolyear access to the online eText which may be accessed with a username and password of your choice. Simply press “Add to Cart”. More information may be found in the Description below.

The Catholic Text Physics Lab Kit used to perform the experiments in the Physics In-Faith eText may be purchased by visiting [Catholic Text Physics Kit].  Parents/Teachers, after ordering the kit for the 2019-2020 school year it may be used by your future students since the kit does not contain consumables. 

Together, the eText and Lab Kit will provide your students with the tools they need to combine Faith and Reason while they explore Physics in a hands-on manner.


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PHYSICS IN-FAITH  – eText and Lab Kit 

Two separate purchases must be made:
1.  Purchase of the Biology Lab eText on this website
2. Purchase of the Biology Lab Kit at the link indicated below

*eText: Purchase of the Physics Lab eText ($40.00) provides the student one-schoolyear of access to the online portal for over 30 chemistry experiments and worksheets. At the time of purchasing the Physics In-Faith eText, you will be able to set a username and password that grants access to the portal. Please make a note of them when purchasing.

Experiments include: Motion in One Dimension; Motion in Two Dimensions; Circular Motion; Newton’s Laws; Exploring Work and Energy; Thermodynamics and Heat; Fluids and Buoyant Density; Harmonic Motion; Speed of Sound; Properties of Light; Diffraction and Refraction; Electrical Charges; Atomic Structure; Radioactive Decay; and many more. Experiments are compatible with all the major Christian and secular curricula.

*Lab Kit:  The Physics experiments in the eText use the experimental supplies provided by the Catholic Text Physics Lab Kit (SKU # SK-CTPHYS) which may be purchased here for US and Canadian customers [Catholic Text Physics Kit].

*Teacher’s Version: Teachers, or parents not associated with a school, may also purchase one-schoolyear access to the associated answer keys. For additional information or for parents/teachers requiring access to the answer keys, email dralloy@catholictexts.com.