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CHEMISTRY eTEXT [and link to Lab Kit]


It is necessary not to abandon the passion for ultimate truth, the eagerness to search for it or the audacity to forge new paths in the search. It is FAITH which stirs reason to move beyond all isolation and willing to run risks so that it may attain whatever is beautiful, good and true. (Fides et Ratio, 56)


The In-Faith series of lab texts couples high quality science instruction with orthodox Catholic teaching in an answer to Pope St. John Paul II’s call to recognize that “there is a profound and indissoluble unity between the knowledge of reason and the knowledge of faith” (Fides et Ratio, 16).

The Chemistry In-Faith lab eText ($40.00) has over 30 interesting chemistry experiments covering the range of topics covered in a year-long high school science course. Purchase includes 1-schoolyear access to the online eText which may be accessed with a username and password of your choice. Simply press “Add to Cart”.  More information may be found in the Description below.

The Catholic Text Chemistry Lab Kit used to perform the experiments in the Chemistry In-Faith eText may be purchased by visiting [Catholic Text Chemistry Kit].

Together, the eText and Lab Kit will provide your students with the tools they need to combine Faith and Reason while they explore Chemistry in a hands-on manner.


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CHEMISTRY IN-FAITH  – eText and Lab Kit 

Two separate purchases must be made:
1.  Purchase of the Chemistry Lab eText on this website
2. Purchase of the Chemistry Lab Kit at the link indicated below

*eText: Purchase of the Chemistry Lab eText ($40.00) provides the student one-schoolyear of access to the online portal for over 30 chemistry experiments and worksheets. At the time of purchasing the Chemistry In Faith eText, you will be able to set a username and password that grants your student access to the portal. Please make a note of them when purchasing.

Experiments include: Flame Test of Elements; Limiting Reagents; Law of Multiple Proportions; Electrical Current; Heat of Fusion; Heating Curve; Paper Chromatography; Precipitation Reactions; Thermodynamics; Salt Hydrolysis; Properties of Water; and many more. Experiments are compatible with all the major Christian and secular curricula.

*Lab Kit:  The Chemistry experiments in the eText use the experimental supplies provided by the Catholic Text Chemistry Lab Kit (SKU # SK-CTCHEM) which may be purchased here for US and Canadian customers [Catholic Text Chemistry Lab Kit].

*Teacher’s Version: Teachers, or parents not associated with a school, may also purchase one-year access to the associated answer keys. For additional information or for parents/teachers requiring access to the answer keys, email dralloy@catholictexts.com.